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It’s a ‘ghee light burning’ ceremony in the name of ‘Baba Lokonath’, who was one of the Greatest Saint in Hindu religion and he told to his followers that ‘whenever you are in danger - remember me, I will save you.’ His millions of followers in whole Bangladesh pray in his name with spiritual concentration to save themselves from evils and to fulfil their desire.

It’s a special prayer session for Hindu religion people who follows Baba Lokonaths idealism. This special prayer took place on Every Saturday and Tuesday of last 15 days of Bengali calendar month Karthik.

Before the Puja day, devotees take only vegetables for 24 hours. On the puja day devotees have to fast to take part of this special Puja which continues from late afternoon to early evening. Before entering into the temple, devotees put light on the candle to purify their souls. The ritual of this very special puja is – devotees have to bath the Lord shiva by milk mixed with green coconut water. Then they sit for puja with essential items like flower, Dhup stick [spiritual essence], leaves from hog plum trees etc. Everyone put light on the lamp made with clay and use ghee as fuel along with a candle to fulfill their desire. During puja session, devotees listen Brahmans instructions carefully and stay silent. At the end of this session, they float lamp in nearby river, pond or water preserver.

When devotees concentrate with their prayer to Baba Lokonath, Brahman Baburchis remain busy to cook food for devotees for their breakfast after finishing their Pujas at the evening. After Puja session, devotees were serve with this special food by the temple to break their fasting and to complete puja session.

This traditional activity was continuing in different parts of Bangladesh for more than last 100 years. In earlier days mostly aged people did this special puja but day by day its being more popular with young generation. Though both male and female can do this holy puja but women presence are more than men.
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