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The sex workers specially who live in a brothel are considered as the member of the lowest level in a highly conservative society like the one in Bangladesh. Almost all of them are driven by the destiny to this living hell, and usually lead a slave-like life under the complete control of the matron-like figure called as the `Masi` or ` Khala` (Aunt), who actually are the old-aged and retired sex workers who run the brothel. But despite all the adversities a young woman following her eternal natural instinct wishes to become a mother in a certain period of her life, and the ill-fated sex workers also are not exceptions. That is why they bear self-willingly the child of some of their clients or so-called lovers at least once in their lives just to have the sweetest taste of motherhood. But often the sweetness becomes sour because of the environment of the brothel, which is quite antagonistic for the healthy upbringing of the minor children. A few of the children living in the brothel are the legitimate offspring of the married couples. They are usually brought to the brothel by their mothers, who are driven out of their home and family by their oppressive husbands and the in-laws. Whether legitimate or illegitimate, the children of the sex workers grow up in the brothel in numerous hardships and unthinkable neglect. Here are a few snapshots focusing on the sex workers lives and their children in Doulatdia Brothel, the oldest and the largest red- light area of Bangladesh. The brothel is situated in Goalanda under Rajbari district of Bangladesh. According to the recent survey the total number of the children in the brothel is 500 plus and the number of sex workers is more than 1,500

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